Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Emerald City Trapeze Student Show

Who knew that a world of trapeze arts and carnival-esque culture thrived in the heart of SODO?

I've had the pleasure of being involved and witnessing this colorfully inspiring world that very few know about through my beautiful friend Amy Codd and her aerial silk partner Jesse Lenihan.  Every 6 months or so, Emerald City Trapeze puts on a show for the students to showcase their ever evolving skills on silks, acrobalance and flying tapeze.

 The Instuctors
 The Beautiful duo

 The delightfully entertaining Black Friday routine

 Amy & Jesse take the stage

The aerial silk students

 The wonderful Emily 

  1.  Flying Trapeze students anxiously awaiting their turn

 Dillon getting a good look

 Jesse & Lindsey

Dillon, Glen & Emily
 Glen & Emily

 Batman showed up
 Jesse & Lindsey


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  2. this makes me really want to get my website up and going so i can finally blog about everything i love (besides food) which includes you!

  3. Love the air dancers, and love you! Beautiful pictures Kb, I can't wait to see the dog blog, assuming you'll be posting one of those soon:)

  4. Great photos. Hard to read this font though.